Toshihide Nai story 01

Mr. Nai eating ramen and laughing

I wanted to eat the ramen here, NAI said. It was at the roadside station in Minamifurano, Hokkaido. NAI has been searching all over Japan for a long time. His legs were worn down and his height was 20 centimeters shorter. He had no money and he stayed in the camp all the time.
He is from Tokyo and has graduated from Waseda’s Faculty of Political Science and Economics. He continued to enroll at Cairo University, but it’s unclear if he graduated there.
He swam into Hokkaido from Aomori. No, he floated and was swept away. Even though Hokkaido in winter is cold, he always walked with short sleeves and shorts. But he didn’t catch a cold and he was always smiling.
When he was walking on the drift ice, he fainted and was sometimes trapped in the drift ice. At that time, he thought he wanted to eat delicious ramen.